A small step taken, determining the virtue of it and to change any ongoing adversely effecting trend, often results in covering the miles.
In this article, the readers will come across how by adapting adapting small changes in their daily lifestyle will result in an eco friendly environment, sustainability, improving livelihood of many workers and participating in the motion of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” a vision of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi. Yes, switching your daily practices of using plastic and related products to eco-friendly products can help achieve all these objectives.Have you ever noticed everytime we all are surrounded by plastic? Indeed the start of a fresh day begins by holding a plastic in our hands – our toothbrushes. However this habit of ours can be changed by replacing our ordinary brushes to bamboo made brushes. Don’t you think it’s a wonderful sustainable idea in reducing the plastic usage and giving a boost to the so far usage of natural products and materials. To your interest, I would like to mention that bamboo fabric is considered to be the trendiest sustainable fabric in the fashion world. It must come to your knowledge that bamboo sector is propelling Atma Nirbhar Bharat Mission. Meso bamboo is used for making the brushes, the bristles of the product are made of premium DuPont nylon BPA free. Bamboo made brushes require proper cleaning or else they invite moulds as bamboo is an organic material.
Our steps to invest in bamboo will encourage the tribal communities who are earning their livelihoods through bamboo made products.
Let’s come forward in using bamboo toothbrushes and encourage others too.

By –  Ayushi Bajpai

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