There is no denying that change is the unchanging law of life. Some changes are rosy while others are detrimental as both these act as a spouse to each other. However, as human beings, we always welcome only favorable changes and wish to keep other ones at bay from us. If we talk in the context of the environment, this is also a true thing.

As every single person always first thinks of his/her luxurious life as to how to spend in a better way. However, human activities are affecting nature in devastating ways. Firstly, they cut down many forests and woods to have beautiful furniture in their homes. Secondly, they consume electricity and energy a lot of which produce immense pollution. Now, let us talk briefly about energy conservation. I think conserving energy should be our priority. The first question which comes in everybody’s mind by hearing energy conservation is what is energy conservation? So in the answer, it is the effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service. Well, we all need to be United and come together to reduce power. There are many means through which everyone is consuming energy such as through light, cooking, cleaning, washing, heating devices, water pump, cooling devices, and other appliances or gadgets. The first and foremost thing is light bulbs. Starting with types of light bulbs, there are five types that are incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), halogen lamps and LED. So now the question raised from this is how we can reduce or save energy? In reply, one can turn off lights when you’re not at home. Moreover, don’t turn on lights until it gets dark and try to incline the use of natural light. One can use the LPG stoves for cooking by cleaning burners regularly, close the lid while boiling, use the right quantum of water for cooking. On the other hand, we can also use electrical gadgets. Furthermore, for cleaning and washing, a lot of types are there such as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners of various types. In many houses, this has become a common phenomenon as many domestic engineers use it and affect the surroundings. The solution to this problem is to use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads, use hot water only for more soiled clothes and dishes. Nowadays, the trend of having heating and cooling devices has become common which declines the source of energy. As in every vertical and horizontal building, the geysers, room heaters, iron box and refrigerators, air conditioners, and fans are very commonly found. Also, there are many matters and things which should be discussed in this context. The selling percentage of both cooling and heating devices incremented from the last ten years in India.

Every single person needs to come together which can help to sustain our earth and to conserve the power and energy. Also, people should be aware of others about conserving our resources and its advantages.

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