Fruits and vegetables are important part of human diet .Thus consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables will lead to a happy and healthy life . But with the advent of pesticides leading to high yield, it is being witnessed that the growers and sellers are using them in higher quantity. These pesticides are very harmful to health and are often cancerous too.


There are various types of chemicals that are used in Fruits and vegetables such as Wax and DPA (Diphenylamine).The  fruits and vegetables which are imported from foreign countries have  a coating of wax over  them so as to contain the travel damages and moisture. Wax also helps fruits to look fresh for a longer  period of time. People buying these must wash them with lukewarm water thoroughly. Also people must prefer local and seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available in the local markets. This way they can eat fresh fruits and vegetables and will also promote local traders and farmers . The second chemical that is used is calcium carbide , mostly in mangoes and bananas, in order to ripe these fruits rapidly. The industrial calcium carbide that is used also have lead and arsenic in it which is harmful for human health.  Third is pesticides which are most harmful chemicals and as it’s usage include sprinklers, and it’s traces remain over trees in such a way that they enter stems, the leaves and then to the fruits too.

There are few solutions people can adopt in order to protect themselves from eating these contaminated fruits and vegetables .The first one is to eat organic fruits and vegetables. One can plant their own fruits and vegetables in their Home garden and can consume it. The second method is soaking and washing the fruits and vegetables in baking soda solution. Baking Soda is known for its alkaline nature. Baking soda can remove 96 to 98 percent of the harmful effects caused by the pesticides. Take a utensil , and then soak the fruits and vegetables completely in water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda in it and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes . After that wash these  fruits and vegetables in  running water.

These precautionary measures can save people from consuming chemical ridden fruits and vegetables which may often lead to unseen diseases

BY Kumari Swati

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