“Seed Bomb” might sound like a new invention by some disastrous mob which can cause havoc, contrary to this the so called Seed Bomb will save lives. Officially prepared by “Krishi Vigyan Kendra” of Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, These seed bombs are seeking attention of various newbies and other on social media platforms.

The Bomb includes; two types of seeds, which can be grown even with less supply of water, manure which will help in generating earthworms and is coved by paste of vermicompost. These balls can be thrown over land after it rained twice in the region. The seeds will germinate on their own and soon, the Bomb will generate a live saver.

The officials and researchers have made these balls AKA Bombs in the wake of sensitizing people about plantation. Also, its indifferent appearance and peculiar name is attracting more people.

The seeds include Amla, Harra, Baheda, Neem and other long lasting plants which require less care.
The seed Bombs are the bestest way of planting trees, senior Scientist Dr Vishal Meshram said, the best part of this drive is the name given to the seed balls, its attracting more and more people towards it.


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