Meenakshi Bharath , a gynecologist and a member of SWMRT(Solid Waste Management Round Table) Bengaluru has laid emphasis on using cloth pads over disposable sanitary napkins. Her team has been working from a long time to manage garbage and solid-waste. After a thorough study and observation she has come to a conclusion that why we need to drop sanitary pads ( napkins) and get a grip on cloth- pads.

In her segment she has explained why cloth-pads? Cloth-pads absorb the same amount of blood as a disposable sanitary napkin i.e. 5ml. Advantages of this new switch includes easy washing of the cloth, easy to dry, the sun sanitizes it, leaving it germs and infection free. There are many varieties of cloth pads available. A set of 5 will last to 2 and a half and 3 years. Expenditure of ₹400 on cloth pads will last 30 periods i.e. ₹10 per period. Unlike disposable sanitary napkins, these pads give no rash , no trash and are very economical on your purse. Moreover,  using sanitary pads cost you between₹50-150 per period, while cloth pads cost less than ₹10. So change to using cloth pads and become eco friendly and healthy. The demands change so that our environment could be protected form various destructive activities of human. Our one step towards emphasizing cloth pads could be a boon to us and our beautiful nature. Think about nature and work towards it’s preservation.

–  Ayushi Bajpai

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