Jaipur. There are a large number of builders in the city who build multi-storey and beautiful buildings for humans to live. People buy expensive, luxury flats, realizing the dream of their dreams. But in the midst of these skyscrapers, the destroyers of many birds are destroyed.In such a situation, the home of Jaipur is doing its own work for these unique birds. Under the leadership of Director Ashok Kumar, members of this institute have built millions of ‘bird flats’ so far. People get inspired by seeing their work and have started taking care of birds by adopting bird flats in their homes.

Institute is giving home to birds

Winter has begun. The effect of pink cold has started showing in Jaipur as well. Birds wander in the forest of buildings in search of a lonely house to escape from the cold. In such a situation, ‘Apna’ is taking care of the birds. When people all over the world are struggling to build a house for themselves. In such a situation, Apna Sansthan is constructing beautiful and colorful flats for the birds.

Flats upto 5BHK

These bird flats range from 1 BHK to 5 BHK. Which are made in colorful and designs. To give protection to birds, 5 types of bird flats are being built. In which the cardboard house is ready for 7 rupees. About one and a half lakh bird houses have been made and distributed free of cost. Apart from this, earthen bird houses have also been built, which are warm in winter and cool in summer. Woods made of ashes have been named from 1 BHK to 5 BHK flats, as 5 stands are made in them simultaneously. Waste pipes of sewerage are being used for birds’ homes and houses are also being built by removing space in the walls of the house.

Bird Service…..God Service

Bindu Sharma from Jaipur, who is working to build a house for the birds, says that she feels good when she serves the birds. The service of birds is the service of God. The mind is happy by serving them. He said that everyone should install bird flats in their house. Because if we serve birds even for 1 hour, then the mind will be full of full time energy.

Bird corrosion is necessary for the balance of nature

The bird is a unique work provided by nature and for the balance of nature, conservation of birds is very important. If our day starts with the tweet of birds, then the heart is relaxed. Due to the continuous cutting of trees and forests and the continuous construction of multi-storey buildings, many species of birds have become extinct and many are on the verge of extinction. Therefore, what can be better than bird flats for the protection and conservation of birds in view of the present circumstances.

By:- Rupali Thakur

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