The ongoing crisis in the realm of pandemic has convalescent the nature in unpredictable ways. Lockdown cannot be considered as the prolonged solution for our planet. Nature has healed itself in unfathomable ways in order to retain the same we need alternative solutions post lockdown.

The drastic climate change has already made us realize the consequences of negating nature, Kerala floods 2019 was one such example. It is always the smaller actions which lay foundation for bigger changes. One such measure to contribute for the planet is “Harit Ghar” or “Five Star Green Home”. The main motive of this initiative is starting from the basic that is home, inculcating practices which not only benefits the individual but environment too. The first component of Harit Ghar is Kitchen Garden, where one grows vegetables inside home. Need to boost immunity eh? Lemon and ginger from one’s own balcony ain’t a bad idea. Got summer blues? Fresh picked up mint leaves will definitely be soothing. In order to make compost vegetable peels and other biodegradable materials will do wonders to the growth of plants. The second component of Harit Ghar is Bird House . Due to deforestation as a result of urbanization humans have destroyed natural habitats of animals and birds in order to compensate for the same practices like bird feed, animal water bowl, food for cow will create a harmony between other creatures and humans. After all this planet doesn’t solely belong to humans. The third component of Harit Ghar is Save Water, water scarcity as listed by World Economic forum in 2019 is a Global threat to the world. In order to preserve water and use it judiciously, we need to implement rainwater harvesting, reuse washing water , reuse sink water, use aerators in taps/faucets. Can we actually afford wasting liters of freshwater just in washing and cleaning its time to rethink and mend our ways. The fourth component of Harit Ghar is Waste segregation, being the second most populated country in the world India has a population of 135.26 crores and if we apply the statistics to waste generated by an individual its surely unmanageable to deal with so much of waste in order to deal with this Harit Ghar proposes to segregate bio degradable and non biodegradable waste, collect polythene into ecobricks, sell reusable waste. Want to make your pockets heavier? Sell some newspapers. The fifth component of Harit Ghar is to conserve electricity and generate it from natural sources like wind, water, solar heat. Power cuts during any season are not so happy hours then why not set up equipment which leads to less power consumption and its generation too. LED bulbs, solar panel, solar water heater are the practices which will make the energy saving home. Thus “Harit Ghar” not only contributes for the welfare of its inmates from being pocket friendly to immunity booster it also contributes in living in harmony with the nature.

Pryavaran Sanrakshan an organization working on Environment has already started with “Harit Ghar” campaign. On 5th June 2020, World Environment Day; hundred families in 506 districts of India will take pledge to make their house a “Harit Ghar”.

It is said that a family is the basic unit that forms a Nation and if each family our Nation starts following the “Harit Ghar” campaign it will tremendously impact our nature in a positive manner. One should never underestimate the power of smaller actions, it is our planet and it is our duty to make the planet greener and cleaner. “Harit Ghar” ensures sustainable development and to ensure its success mass participation is required. “Nature is not a place to visit it is home”

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