Haridwar Kumbh

स्वच्छ कुम्भ, पर्यावरण युक्त कुम्भ, पॉलीथीन मुक्त कुम्भ
हरिद्वार -2021

Polythene Mukt Kumbh HARIDWAR KUMBH Kumbh is a Major pilgrimage and festival in Hinduism. It is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. The 2021 Maha Kumbh is at Haridwar . According to BBC, Kumbh is the world’s largest gathering program. Hence it also results where tons of plastic waste accumulates everytime. Kumbh 2019 generated more than 18000 Metric Tons of solid waste which included high levels of plastic waste. If a rough estimation is to be made pilgrims expected at Haridwar are 19.74 lakh per day, considering waste generation to be 60 g per/capita/D, the total waste estimated is 9216 T, in which plastic makes up to be roughly 4600 T. Plastic bags are everywhere. When we look around us Plastic bags are the most common litter. Tangled in trees and fences along the road, floating in the water, lying on the ground in parks and forests, surrounding garbage bins, washed off on beaches and now for the horror, spoiling our ecosystem. In an attempt to reduce it, to make the Maha Kumbh 2021 clean and polythene free, ‘Paryavaran Committee(Paryavaran Samiti) 2021’ has been formed. To make Maha Kumbh 2021, a zero carbon footprint zone, this committee was formed in presence of various Dignitaries. The committee has 180 members (as of 23 January,2021). Various Sub-Committees were also formed. The main aim is to make the Kumbh polythene free by using the concept of Eco bricks formation. This will require pilgrims to collect single use polythene bags, plastic bottles, make Eco bricks and give them at the Canopies (200 of them) established there by various environmental NGOs. These Eco bricks can be put to use in a lot of ways, thus preventing the spread of Plastic waste and preserving the environment. One Eco brick can carry 350g plastic that can otherwise litter 100 Sq Ft area. In exchange for eco bricks, a cloth bag will be provided by the committee. Also, the devotees would receive ‘Prasad’ and Ganga Jal. These Cloth bags are being donated from people all across the country. Worshipping of Mother Earth and living in harmony with Nature has always been an integral part of Indian Culture. No Contribution is small, Every change starts with you. Let’s join Hands, and Make the Maha Kumbh 2021 Polythene free. In the words of Sitakant Mahapatra: “ They are the one to whom the earth is not something to be used, not a possession or an object for exploitation but a living entity, an object of reverence, and the relationship is 2 one of sacred trust and loving intimacy. For, they believe as much in celebrating one’s life in this world as in remembering, adoring and celebrating the world in one’s life. The sacred soil of ancestors into which one is born is thus a part of one’s fundamental psychic experience of life and is a part of its spiritual dimension. The earth, the land, the village enter into and are secure in racial memory and it is only an ethical imperative to worship the Earth goddess, the Mother Earth .”

पर्यावरण समिति हरिद्वार कुम्भ-2021

अध्यक्ष- डॉ चिन्मय पण्ड्या जी
संयोजक- पूज्य स्वामी रूपेन्द्र प्रकाश जी
उपाध्यक्ष-डॉ सुधारानी पाण्डे जी
श्री यू सी जैन
श्री आशीष गौतम
डॉ विनोद आर्य जी
श्री रघुवीर सिंह रावत
महामंत्री-श्री मनोज गर्ग जी
मंत्री-श्री वागीश ब्रह्मचारी जी
श्री सुयेश रावत जी
श्री वासुदेव दास जी
श्री संजय चतुर्वेदी जी
श्री विजयपाल जी
प्रचार प्रमुख- श्री रजनीकांत शुक्ला जी
श्री अमित शर्मा जी
सदस्य- संचालन समिति संयोजक-डॉ विपिन

संरक्षक मंडल -पूज्य संत

  • पूज्य जगद्गुरू शंकराचार्य राजराजेश्वराश्रम गिरी जी महाराज (जगद्गुरू आश्रम)
  • पूज्य आचार्य महामंडलेश्वर स्वामी अवधेशानंद गिरी जी महाराज(श्री पंचदशनम जूना अखाड़ा)
  • पूज्य आचार्य महामंडलेश्वर स्वामी कैलाशानंद गिरीजी महाराज(श्रीनिरंजनी पंचायती अखाड़ा)
  • पूज्य आचार्य महामंडलेश्वर विशोकानंद भारतीजी महाराज(श्री पंचायती महानिर्माणी अखाडा)
  • पूज्य स्वामी सतपाल जी महाराज प्रेम नगर हरिद्वार
  • योगऋषी स्वामी रामदेव जी महाराज (पतंजलि योगपीठ)
  • श्रीमहंत नरेंद्र गिरि जी महाराज (अध्यक्ष अखाड़ा परिषद)
  • श्रीमहन्त रवींद्र पुरी जी महाराज (अध्यक्ष मनसा देवी ट्रस्ट)
  • श्री महंत रवींद्र पुरी जी महाराज (श्री पंचायती निर्वाणी अखाड़ा)
  • श्रीमहंत महेश्वर दास जी महाराज (श्री पंचायती अखाड़ा उदासीन बड़ा)
  • श्री महंत भगतराम जी महाराज (श्री पंचायती अखाड़ा उदासीन नया)
  • पूज्य स्वामी रामभद्राचार्य जी महाराज (वैष्णवों रामानंद संप्रदाय)
  • पूज्य आचार्य महामंडलेश्वर स्वामी दिव्यानंद सरस्वती जी महाराज
  • पूज्य महामंडलेश्वर स्वामी विश्वेश्वरानंद जी महाराज (सूरतगिरी बंगला)
  • पूज्य स्वामी ज्ञान आनंद जी महाराज, बृंदावन
  • पूज्य स्वामी विजय कौशल जी महाराज,वृंदावन
  • पूज्य स्वामी महामंडलेश्वर यतीन्द्रानंद गिरी जी महाराज
  • श्री महंत स्वामी हरि गिरि जी महाराज (महामंत्री अखाड़ा परिषद)
  • श्री महंत विनोद गिरि जी महाराज (राष्ट्रीय संगठन मंत्री अखाड़ा परिषद)
  • पूज्य स्वामी चिदानंद जी महाराज (परमार्थ निकेतन ऋषिकेश)
  • पूज्य स्वामी विजय आनंद जी महाराज (वेद निकेतन ऋषिकेश)
  • श्री महन्त दुर्गादास जी महाराज (श्री पंचायती अखाड़ा उदासीन बड़ा)
  • श्री महंत विष्णुदास जी महाराज (निर्मोही अखाड़ा)
  • पूज्य स्वामी मानदास जी महाराज (बाल्मीकि मंदिर कनखल)
  • श्री महंत ज्ञानदास सिंह जी महाराज (निर्मल अखाड़ा)
  • पूज्य स्वामी रविदेव शास्त्री जी महाराज (गरीबदासीय संप्रदाय)
  • पूज्य स्वामी राजेन्द्र आनंद जी महाराज (विश्नोई समाज)