Bio remediation of Godavari River at Nanded,Maharashtra .


Godavari River is the second largest river in India. Nanded is situated on the banks of River Godavari. In Ramayan we will find Shri Ram’s stay at banks of river at Nashik.
Nanded is a holy place where Tenth Guru of Sikh Shri Guru Gobind Singhji have taken solace.
Godavari River is about 1465 km. It covers four states of India. Nanded’s population is increasing day by day. The STP capacity is designed 15 years back, but drainage load is increasing tremendously. Hence STP is almost failure. Many drainage lines are not yet connected with STP pipe lines. From 18 Drainage lines water is directly mixed with river & polluting river water.

From few years water get polluted and smells very bad, colour of water also changes to dark green. From few years we are observing Algal Bloom. In June 2020 total aquatic life loss occurred. At that time dissolved oxygen in river water was upto 0 ppm.This shocks environmentalist and force to think for solutions.

Microbiologist Prof.Dr.Sunanda Dipak Mortale and Water Activist Shri Dipak Mortale after extensive research invented Bio- remediation solution for polluted water treatment . This invention got great results in Bio- remediation of water, air and soil hence patent is applied in name of Godavari Biotech Industry.


A Social group Godavari Nadi Sansad is formed which invites people to join. In 2020, On the occasion of Independence Day, a public participation was appealed to collect information about polluted water bodies in Nanded District. Many people participated and provided information about polluted water bodies. They were felicitated by e-certificate from Godavari Nadi Sansad.

About 1000 people joined this group on various social media platforms like Facebook,Whatsapp etc.Research study was carried out for water Pollution causes,main cause of pollution is House hold chemical cleaners @ 9000 Tons in a year.

Second cause is Flowers waste thrown in river. We have provided them a solution to use flower waste along with fruits and vegetables waste to prepare Bio-Enzyme. This Bio Enzyme is used to treat polluted river water.

This apeals people a lot, awareness among people regarding it has been increased.

To prepare bio-enzyme we use organic waste of flowers,fruits, vegetables.A two litre air tight plastic jar(Plastic Jar is important because it sustains fermentation gas pressure). The ratio of ingredients are as follows :-

1 part of jaggery, 3 part of organic waste of flowers,fruits, vegetables, 10 part of Water some Yeast or butter milk. Pour it in plastic container, open the container daily to release gases produced in fermentation.After 40 days Bio-Enzyme is ready.


In lockdown period online trainings are conducted by Godavari Nadi Sansad Trainers.

Myself and Our group leader Mrs.Chandatai Mahesh Kabra make videos in various languages.

We also conduct many online sessions to train our group members. Without public participation such success will never be possible. When we prepare bio-enzyme our selves then only we will be able to reply queries. So before training to others, we ourselves prepare 500 liters of Bio Enzymes in three batches. More than 500 people started making Bio Enzyme at home. When Bio Enzyme is ready they pour it in the Godavari River. We have provided e-certificate to many of them.

Result of Bio remediation:

Godavari Biotech Industry collects Godavari River samples at regular intervals analyse Dissolved Oxygen in water. Very interesting findings are coming out. From last few year’s 5 ppm Dissolved Oxygen in February comes down to 0 to 2 ppm in June start. After applying Bio remediation this year 5 ppm Dissolved Oxygen increases upto 7 ppm in June start. No algal bloom found and colour of water comes to light green only. People can themselves notice the change, no smell to water, no dark green colour occurred.

Godavari Biotech Industry is monitoring air quality index of Nanded. We have found this bio remediation also reducing Air Pollution. The AQI of Nanded is comes down to upto 5. which is the lowest in India. We compare the data with all over India. Pollution of air is lowest in India. This is the marvelous result for all of us.This study also have data of Bio Enzyme effect on Air Pollution.
We have also carry out Bio Enzyme effects on soil health , the growth of trees is doubled in only 3 months. This growth happens in hot summer, which is almost impossible before Bio remediation.


To make Bio Remediation as public movement we have started giving certificate and brand ambassador batches to the participants. We involved the Pyramid Spiritual Society of India. We have carried out online training program for the members across India. Karnataka, Gujarat and Mumbai units of Pyramid Spiritual Society successfully conducted the workshops , started preparing Bio Enzyme. Now Paryavaran Gatividhi has also shown interest in Bio remediation.We are ready to train environment activists all over India.
We are trying hard to promote bio remediation treatment to control Air,Water and Soil pollution.

Shri.Dipak Laxmanrao Mortale
Devgiri Prant Paryavaran NGO Karyvibhag Pramukh,
Coordinator Godavari Nadi Sansad,Nanded, Maharashtra.