“The rubbish material of the early centuries has become a way of learning so-called Archaeological Studies” which gives us an opportunity to know what methods and things early people had used.

In context to waste management, which has now become a big problem to overcome. In cooperation with the Government and several companies, it has become a billionaire market. Waste management includes those activities or actions required to manage waste from its inception to final disposal. These activities are too differentiated in solid, liquid, gas, and hazardous forms. The thing we need to do is to follow the same antibiotic which is already present to cure the disease of nature. The generation of wastes directly affects the environment, which ultimately affects us. If I use Newton’s Third Law, there is nothing wrong rather it suits well. The antibiotic is 3Rs. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These mantras with the three situations of past present and future. Reduce in past, Reuse in present, Recycle in the future and save the creature and nature. The worst things according to me, the more literate people are, they are more destroying the environment and creating a lot of waste. Poor man either economically or mentally will never make a big building by cutting trees and live a comfortable life by using digital phones and changing it every three years. If we remember our past, it’s always said the past is the light to show the path of the future. We have solutions to waste management rather we need to adopt that. Establishing a big industry of waste management is not a permanent solution. We must realize the deeds of our are bouncing back. Time to realize, still if we manage to change our habits. Before throwing anything or using, Think what things one can Reuse, reduce, and finally recycle.

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